10 Wedding Hacks You Should Know

Your wedding day is one time you don’t want to look back and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

While something is bound to go wrong – you can avoid some minor panic attacks and stressful moments with these wedding hacks.

1. Reopen Envelopes

Source: ArtfulCelebrations

Before you actually get to the day of your nuptials you will be sending out multiple invitations. If you forget to add the response card or directions in a specific envelope, don’t fret!

Simply stick the envelope in a ziplock bag and place it in the freezer for 45 minutes. It will easily open, without causing noticeable damage, and you’ll be able to reuse it. This is KEY for brides who invested in professional calligraphy and don’t have a back up. 

2. Make Sure Your Shoes are Wearable

You don’t want to get into a situation where your shoes are too tight or have a slippery bottom. If your dream shoes are both, there is an easy fix.

Get rid of a slippery shoe with some heavy-duty sand paper. By roughing up the sole of your shoe, you will have a much less chance of falling.

If your shoes are too tight, put on a pair of heavier socks (or multiple pairs) and squish your foot into the tight fitting shoes. Bare the pain for a about 10 minutes while you blast heat from a hairdryer to the tight areas. For the best outcome, stretch and flex your foot while the hair dryer is heating your shoe. Keep your foot in the shoe while the shoe cools down. If your shoe did not stretch enough, repeat.

(I recommend both of these even if you think your shoes fit and aren’t slippery.)

3. Keep You Flowers Floating

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

Since not all types of flowers are able to float in your perfect centerpiece vision, use a bubble skirt! Bubble wrap is comprised of small air-filled pockets, it is very buoyant, it’s like a raft for flowers. With a bubble skirt, even the heaviest tulips will not sink.

“Cut bubble wrap  into two-inch squares, and be sure to cut around the pockets of air instead of through them. Create a hole in the center of each square to accommodate the flower stems using a skewer or another pointed tool. Fill the vases with water, and outfit the flowers with bubble wrap skirts before arranging them in water-filled vases. Since the plastic is clear, it will not be glaringly visible in the vases of water.” 

4. Keep Your Teeth & Lips Wine Free

Available at Birch Box

As a red wine lover, on big occasions where you know your picture will be taken you typically have to pass on your favorite drink. Not Any More!

Wine Wipes contain natural stain-fighters like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. The wipes must be used BEFORE you enjoy your glass of red. But now that you don’t have to fear your teeth and lips staining, be careful not to spill any on your gown!

5. Keep Your Veil in Place

Available at Here Comes The Bride

With more and more weddings being held outside or in unique venues – do not have your veil looking like a hot mess in your pictures. Veils are thin and thin material does not take much wind to blow it around.

Magnetic veil weights will hold your veil in place without your maid-of-honors help! It helps that they’re cute & come in a variety of styles.

6. Stay On Top

Available at thesolemates.com

Of the grass, not your man! (That’s for later!)

Hands down, no questions asked – my favorite wedding day hack! I don’t care where your wedding is: inside, outside, on a dock, in a church… I DON’T CARE!! These are a must have for all brides, bridal parties, wedding guests and those not attending your wedding.

Solemates is a high heel protector cap the prevents heels from sinking in grass, going in-between porch boards and uneasy cobblestone. The caps are available in numerous sizes & colors and aren’t even visible!

Don’t believe me? Their website has rave reviews.
Side note: I will be a Solemate bride!

7. Remove Static

Source: Real Simple

If you forgot static guard or any other stinky spray that removes static… who knew that a wire hanger would do the trick? Run the long side of a wire hanger over your skirt, and between your skirt and tights or slip, and Wa La!

8. Remove Deodorant

Photo by Shang Chen Photography

While this is a daily life hack, it’s a good one to remember for your big day. Rub a dryer sheet over the deodorant marks, the sheet will absorb the deodorant.
(Jeans also remove deodorant, but you don’t want to rub jeans on a white or ivory gown!)

9. You Wake Up with a Pimple

Realistically, you wake up on your wedding day with a pimple. You shouldn’t be surprised – I’m sure you’ve had the most stressful week of your life. While there is no way to make is disappear you can take precautions to make it almost invisible.

  • You can shrink a pimple quickly by putting a dab of Listerine on it and leaving it for 10 minutes. The swelling will go down and it will be easier to cover with makeup.
  • Ice cubes can also be a great way to get rid of your pimples in a speedy manner. Take an ice cube, put it on your pimple for 5-10 minutes, which would reduce the swelling and the redness.
  • Try applying a few drops of Visine on a cotton swab to the spot to eliminate the red.

Avoid picking and conceal it correctly. If concealed wrong, it may bring more attention to your trouble spot.

10. Get Rid of the Hideous Bridesmaid Dress

This is more so a post-wedding hack.
Want to get rid of your hideous bridesmaid dress? You’re in luck!

Newlymaid is a partner of Dessy. Where you can purchase a LBD at a reduced price. When your dress arrives, you send in your bridesmaid dress is the prepaid package Newlymaid sends with your new dress. They repurpose these dresses by recycling them or giving them to people in need.

It’s a perfect equation. New LBD for you, ugly bridesmaid dress no longer in your closet!

While life hacks and wedding hacks are sure to make your journey smoother, it doesn’t promise perfection. Your wedding is a celebration of love, not a performance. While you add these hacks to your life, a glass of red & to-do list should get you through.