How to Pull Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses… THE RIGHT WAY!

While the trend of mix-n-match bridesmaids dresses isn’t new, it still needs to be done right. A mismatched bridal party can be dreamy or disastrous.

I know you want to be the bride that gives your girls options, or wants them to have a dress they’ll wear again – Great! But proceed with caution. When shopping for mismatched dresses, you want to take on this project together; with your bridesmaids. Giving them too many options or not having your vision in check can cause you more trouble than you ever wanted.

Want to be a success story of the trend? Keep the right elements consistent.



This is by far the easiest way to get the mismatched look, but not worry about clashing colors or material.

Pick a designer, fabric, length and color – then let the bridal party pick the neckline most suitable for them.

This is a best option when you have busty bridesmaids who want straps or a dress they can wear supportive undergarments with, as well as petite boob-less bridesmaids that can pull off a neckline suitable for small chested bridesmaids only.

Designers like Amsale, Donna Morgan, Dessy and Alfred Sung, to name a few, make this option SUPER easy.

 Photo: Vanishing Moments Photography

Photo: Clary Pfeiffer Photography


Non-clashing shades, styles and lengths

This one is a little bit more difficult to pull off, but if done well – it looks great and more often than not the dresses are re-wearable.

I’ll put it out there – I’m by no means a fan of varying hemlines. I think hemlines should be consistent no matter what elements you mix up, but, my opinion isn’t always appreciated by other brides-to-be and they may like the idea of allowing their maid of honor to stand out by sporting a longer or shorter hemline then the remainder of the bridal party.

You can also mix up shades and style along with length as long as the colors are complimentary.

Photo: Jacquelyn Poussot Photography

Photo: Jonathan Canlas Photography 


The color palette

While keeping the hemline consistent, pick a color and allow your bridesmaids to pick a complimentary shade.

When it comes to fabric and dress style, you can keep consistency or allow a little bit of variety.

Just make sure that your colors are diverse enough to show a difference, but not clashing.

Photo: Judy Pak Photography

Photo: Joie LaLa Photography


Total mix up

Maybe you’re bold and love the mix-it-up trend. GO FOR IT! Mix colors, material, designers, and every other element. If it’s done right, it can be amazing.

When I worked for Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite – One of my all-time favorite customers was a bride who was dying for the Molly Sim’s total mismatched bridal party and boy did we pull it off, and pull it off well!

(Sara’s inspiration!) Photo by: Gia Canali Photography 


The key here is all of her bridesmaids shopped together on the same day. This gave the bride the option to see all the girls together in their dresses to make sure they had a flow and none of them looked out of place or clashing with the next. This also allowed her to pick the order of her bridal party based upon the right dresses being next to one another.

You can see her bridal party here:

Photo: Jose Mesa Photography

All of the dresses we’re purchased at Nordstrom, some in the Wedding Suite, some on the Special Occasion dress department. Either way – it turned out amazing.

(Special side note, not only did she mix colors, styles, fabrics and materials – both of her MOH’s were in head to toe sparkle and/or beading and her future sister-in-law has a gown with a beaded/sequined torso giving them each a little extra dazzle.)


Other Options

If you want a mismatched look but are afraid to dive in and go for it – consider Two Birds dresses or Jenny Yoo’s convertible option. This will allow the consistency of the same look, while having the option of versatility.

(Two Birds) Photo: Joie LaLa Photography

(Jenny Yoo) Photo: Carrie Patterson Photography

Best part: You want your bridal party to have an identical look for the ceremony and pictures, but want them to be more comfortable for the reception, dancing and drinks…

TA-DA, Two Birds & Jenny Yoo are you best option.

The girls can sport the same look and then change it up later in the day. (The big busty girls will forever love that you understood their need for straps when boogying on the dance floor.)


Even with mismatched dressed, you can still keep your bridal party united as one with matching flowers, jewelry or even hair pieces. Whatever you do, keep your vision and rock it out and be sure to share your final product.

If all else fails a glass of red & to-do list should get you through.