Champagne & Love

A New Year’s Eve wedding is about five things:
1. the couple
2. love
3. midnight
4. glitter
5. cocktails
(…prior list is in no order or importance.)

One 2013 trend that will without a doubt continue into 2014: Signature Cocktails – and if you’re having a festive December 31st wedding, champagne toasts are expected.

But you don’t want to be the boring couple with a ravishing wedding and boring bar. So, without further ado spice up your cocktail hour and reception with any of these 10 signature champagne cocktails.

Sparkling Champagne Punch
Light & refreshing on a blistery cold night. 
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Classic Champagne Cocktail

Classic, but not boring.
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Starlight Royale
Gin, Limejuice and sparkle – nothing else is necessary.
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Cranberry Champagne Cocktail
Festive holiday colors, holiday dazzle and holiday cheer.
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A Champagne Julep
Perfect for a Kentucky wedding – or any location.
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Violet Ombre Champagne Cocktail
You had me at Ombre. (Seriously, it did!) If it didn’t… think floral notes & a stunning preparation
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The Champagne Martini
Oh yes, I went there.
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Wagering Whiskey Pop
Whiskey with a lighter touch, how could you not?!
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Red Grape & Coconut Refresher
A perfect blend of so many flavors. (It’s visually appealing, too!)
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Just Champagne
For a modern twist on a classic, add a piece of fruit (i.e., a golden raspberry.) It will add to the drink appeal without adding ingredients.

Serve your drinks in a traditional or stemless champagne flute, with a sugar rim, piece of fruit or a sparkling garnish for an added-festive touch, and be sure to kiss your boyfriend, fiancé, husband/wife or partner from 11:59 to 12:01 to ensure the perfect ending to 2013 & perfect beginning to 2014.

Happy New Year(s eve)!!!!

Tonight – set aside the to-do list and red wine.
Celebrate with those you love, toast with a glass of champagne and look forward to the new year.


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