(the crazy disaster of) Wedding Day Shoes

A bride’s pursuit for the perfect wedding day shoe can be just as stressful as finding the right gown.

Finding shoes to match the gown sounds simple, right? Think again. Finding an exact color match is near impossible. If your shoe is a shade different from your gown, you run the risk of making your dress or shoes look yellow.  White fabrics have varying tones. There are thousands, and I mean thousands, shades of white and ivory.

Think of it this way. Your favorite designer has “winter white,” “classic white,” and “creamy white” in tulle, silk, organza, and taffeta. The taffeta in winter white can vary drastically from the silk winter white.

To complicate it further… your second favorite designer can have the same color options in the same style fabric; however, Designer A’s creamy white silk can vary quite a bit from Designer B’s creamy white silk. (Pretty complex, huh?)

Note, the crazy disaster of wedding day shoes.

Want to surpass the trouble of the matching game? Long behold… OPTIONS!

OPTION 1: Pop of Color

Incorporate a pop of color into your look with your shoes. Think of complimentary colors, as well as colors in the same color family as your main wedding color. This option is a simple way to complete the 4-must haves tradition and incorporate your “something blue.”

a. http://bit.ly/YG3DrI
b. http://bit.ly/I8pUwQ
c. http://bit.ly/1caLwSs
d. http://bit.ly/1emYoqt

OPTION 2: Metallic

Jewelry or a sash can often be best additions to your wedding day look. Want to avoid a vibrant pop of color, as well as white or ivory. Look at metallic shoes that match your jewelry tone. It’s subtle, but still glamorous.

a. http://bit.ly/1aMPqkW
b. http://bit.ly/1caPnyU
c. http://bit.ly/1bcENKU
d. http://bit.ly/17V7LsL

OPTION 3: Bling

Bling is perfect for any bride, as brides should sparkle on their wedding day. It is a great alternative when you have a simple gown that is traditional, but want something fun an edgy that won’t be seen in every wedding photo. Or maybe you’re the bride that loves everything embellished. Why shouldn’t you have wedding shoes that express your style and make you smile?

a. http://bit.ly/Wp7KWP
b. http://bit.ly/1iBJoYE
c. http://bit.ly/I57xJ5
d. http://bit.ly/17Awm9o

OPTION 4: Neutrals

Neutrals are becoming more and more popular in the wedding world. They’re simple but can still be statement pieces. This is the best option if you want to wear your wedding shoes again.

a. http://bit.ly/18WUoZk
b. http://etsy.me/I58MrJ
c. http://bit.ly/1g33bOB
d. http://bit.ly/1h7DEqj

OPTION 5: Brave the search of Whites & Ivories

If the options aren’t your style – there are so many beautiful white wedding shoes, and I’m sure you will find your perfect pair. I recommend taking a swatch of your gown (all layers) when you undergo this adventure.

While matching your shoes to your dress does create a more traditional bridal appearance, that’s not everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding day shoe. Shoes are an exceptional way of showcasing your personality, and today shoes are definitely conversation pieces. Your shoes can be colored, textured, or be covered in crystals… or they could be rain boots, cowgirl boots, or oxfords! There are no rules!

On your wedding day be sure to take a picture of your hard work and make your shoes the star of at least one shot. Think about adding your rings or even dressing up your groom’s socks for the picture.

Take your time and look at your options before purchasing. If you’re unsure – try all of the options. One will suit you beautifully. Still can’t find the one? Create your own, unique pair on Milk&Honeyshoes.com. If your are struggling to make a decision, take pictures and ask the important people in your life. (But remember, your opinion is the only one that matters!) Don’t stress and remember a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.