Q&A with Sarah Dobson, La Gartier owner & designer

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus!
Last week I flew from snowy, blistery northeast Ohio to slightly warmer New Mexico to see my USBP agent!

However, there is no better way to return, 2-days prior to Valentine’s Day without featuring a bride-must-have that I am more than slightly obsessed with…. La Gartier!

Sarah Dobson is an extremely talented bridal garter designer. Her work will without a doubt make your knees weak! It’s magical, sweet, sometimes sparkly and swoon worthy! The best part… it can be customized to be as whimsical, edgy and unique as you are. I was privileged enough to pick her brain about what La Gartier is, where it’s going and how you can be a La Gartier bride!


How and when did La Gartier come to be? I started LG in 2009 after I realized that the wedding garter–as a basic wedding accessory–was in desperate need of a redesign. (This is so true! Thank you Sarah!) It seemed to me that the design of the wedding garter froze somewhere right around 1983 and had never since evolved!! At first, I only designed a few garters for friends ready-to-wed. But this quickly turned into an effort to revolutionize a forgotten wedding accessory. I wanted to create a fresh, modern and stylish wedding garter for today’s bride which I hope that I have succeeded in doing.

Why garters over anything else? Because they are the only wedding accessory that has not yet been made glamorous!

What inspires you? Nature. Certain color combinations. Light. How fabric and light interact. The coming together of two souls during a ceremony based on love.

Do you have a favorite garter to date? That is such a hard question to answer! I have so many! My current favorite would have to be the Topaz and Diamond custom garter that I recently designed for a bride named Hayley Lynn. Hayley sent me a 1-karat diamond along with two real topaz stones to incorporate into her garter. The garter came out beautifully and when it was finished, it was worth over two thousand dollars. I can’t wait to start working with more semi-precious and precious stones.

Any success stories you’d like to share or brides that have touched your heart? I have had so many brides touch my heart that it is difficult to name just one. The first bride that comes to my mind is Nena Patterson. I custom design her garter for her in 2012 and we got to know each other a little bit during the design process. Nena told me the story of how she went to great efforts to mend ties with her father before the wedding day so that he could walk her down the aisle. She told me that the moment he walked her down the aisle was almost as special as saying “I do” to her soon-to-be-hubby and began to cry as she told me about it. She begged me to mend the ties that I have with my father, stressing that there is never a better time to make things right than now. It was an emotional and intense conversation that I will never forget. I keep in touch with Nena to this day.

What will your garter look like? When I do finally say “I Do” I will most likely create my garter to reflect some sort of important detail about our relationship or our wedding. And since that has yet to come into existence, I cannot predict what that detail will be. I have always liked the idea of putting a tiny piece of the first note he ever wrote to me into a blue vintage locket. That way, my daughter can have it someday, cross off her “something blue”, and also see just how much daddy loved mommy. (I cannot wait to see this!)

One random thing about you or La Gartier? I once ate brown rice and canned tuna for an entire month so that I could purchase advertising space on the infamous wedding blog Style Me Pretty. (Seriously, a girl after my own heart! How can you not be a SMP lover?)

You’ve been featured in multiple magazines and on multiple websites – while that’s exciting enough, What is your next big success you’d like to achieve? I want to expand into other wedding accessories like bracelets, bouquet pins, ring pillows, gorgeous keepsake boxes and dog collars. Also, I want La Gartier to have been worn by three celebrities before the end of 2014. (I already have number 1!)

I know, I know… YOU now want to be a La Gartier bride and have Sarah design the most amazing garter for your wedding day – Don’t fret, I covered my bases!

What should a bride-to-be know when ordering a garter from La Gartier?
Her leg measurement. That way, we can custom design your garter to fit your leg! Also, be ready to talk. I love details, so get ready to communicate with us via email or telephone if we are custom making a garter for you.

Where can La Gartier be found/ordered? You can purchase a La Gartier garter by going to the website at www.lagartier.com OR you can visit our Etsy shop where we offer all the same products that we do on the website. Also, there are currently 53 bridal stores throughout the United States that carry La Gartier, so if you do not have time to order online, check out our website to see if we have a store near you.

How are your garters priced? Our garters are priced from $55.00-$210.00. Our customizations start at $250.00 and increase from that point.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, all day long.

A huge THANK YOU to Sarah for taking the time for this Q&A and taking on the challenge to bring the bridal garter out of 1983! I cannot wait to be a La Gartier bride when my day comes!