The Blog:

Wine & Paper is the outcome of a planner-turned-blogger. It’s ideas, advice and images paired with extensive wedding knowledge. It is some opinion, some truth and the important basics every future bride should know. Its unique content showcases the gray area that weddings have become – because it’s your day and you can have it as traditional or unique as you are! It’s advice, truths, & ideas poured and written. It’s a real rundown on wedding know-hows and words of wisdom for your big day. I hope Wine & Paper becomes an essential guide to your planning!

As a bride you need to remember: Wedding preparations should be fun, exciting, and only create a small amount of stress; however, sometimes it’s not all glorified. At the end of the day when all else fails, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through. Congratulations on creating the best day of your life!

About Korie:

I’m inspired by good stationary, classic pieces and home décor. I graduated from Kent State University with degrees in advertising and marketing and am grateful my degrees filter into my passions pretty easily.

I am mildly obsessed with red wine, gold foil, stripes and social media. While my favorite place to be is on the couch curled up with a big-knit blanket, the hallmark channel and my two dogs – I can surly be found eating pasta, drinking red wine (or mimosas) and watching golf.

I’m known to spend hours looking at wedding photos, magazines and checklists. I’m a lover of ivory gowns, classic pumps and a good center piece.

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