Happy Father’s Day!

Last month, I wrote 5 sentimental moments and gestures to thank your mom on your wedding day. It wouldn’t be very fair if I didn’t post about dad’s on their special day, now would it?

Like mothers, fathers are also giving away their little girl. Whether they’re footing the bill or walking you down the isle, having a special moment with them or thanking them with a gesture on your wedding day is a must – and your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to thank dad for all he has done.

In honor of Father’s Day – here are five sentimental moments and gestures to thank your dad for being him.


Shop with him

You maybe Daddy’s little and having him in tow on gown day may be a must, (especially if he’s footing the bill) but if it’s not – ask. It may surprise you how excited he is to be a part of watching you try on gowns. He may even surprise you with his knowledge or interest on the subject.

However, your father may know that gown shopping is something you have looked forward to doing with your mom and best friend for years, and for that he may respectfully decline the invite.

But, if you want him there – ask. He may be delighted to go and really look forward to it.

(Also consider taking dad to help pick tuxes.)


Have a first look

If your Dad didn’t join you on the journey of finding the perfect gown, it would be the perfect opportunity to give your dad a first-look.

It will be an emotional moment for your dad (and possibly you) the first time he sees you ready to walk down the isle. Make it a point to have a one-on-one moment with your Dad and your photographer. First-look pictures are ones to cherish, and your dad will appreciate you thought enough about him to plan it out.


Let him speak

Ask your dad to do a reading or toast. While walking you down the aisle and having a first dance is pretty common, these elements are a little more personal and less common. I have no doubt the opportunity to speak about how much he loves you will hit home and make his heart melt.


Give him a gift

A small gift prior to the ceremony that has sentimental value is the perfect gesture to say “thank you” and “I’ll always be your little girl.”







 Take it up a notch

He walked you down the aisle, gave you away, and now it’s time to hit the dance floor. Take your dance up a notch. I’m not saying you have to go crazy and break out into the dougie or electric slide (I mean you can, but it’s not a must.)

I’m saying a father-daughter dance is a given. You can heighten it by taking some dance lessons with dad prior to the wedding. This will not only make it more meaningful, but give you some time with dad prior to your big day.




Remember that you’re a huge piece of your dad’s life, as he is in yours. Be sure to thank your dad’s today for all that they do.

To all you poppa bears out there:
 Happy Father’s Day!
Thank you for being knights in shining armor.

Set aside your to-do list and have a few glasses of red today.






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3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. All great ideas! I especially love the idea of a first look with your father. My dad didn’t want to know anything about my dress ahead of time, he wanted to be just as surprised as my groom!


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