Happy Mother’s Day!


As a token of your appreciation to your mom, take a minute to realize what your wedding day may mean to her.

Perhaps she giving away her only daughter? Or maybe she is participating and helping with wedding planning – the same way she helped plan every birthday party, attended every recital and drove you and your girlfriends to the mall and movies every weekend? Or maybe your mom is the perfect role model of what a wife and mother should be.

While your wedding day is a day about you, your fiancé and the love you share – you wouldn’t be who you are without your parents or you mom.

Your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to thank mom for all she has done and show her everything she means to you, even when you don’t show it. (And, yes as a bratty child – I know we don’t always show it.)

In honor of Mother’s Day – here are five sentimental moments and gestures to thank your mom for being her.

Shop together.

Wedding planning can cause emotions to run high. People are on edge including you and your mom. You want the most amazing wedding, and believe me – she wants the same outcome; however, getting there isn’t always easy.

After you find your dream gown make a second appointment to find mom’s dress. (DO NOT schedule your appointments on the same day! You should have one appointment for you, one for your bridesmaids and one for mom.)

Helping her find her dress will give you gals a nice bonding day. Pair it with a wine tasting or a nice lunch and wa-lah a perfect afternoon.

Image: Astrid Photography


Send her a registry piece.

Most likely your mom has been through it all. She will know what to put on a registry. While it’s a task for your and your fiancé, get her opinion on registry must-haves.

Maybe she’ll even throw out a “oh I wish I had one of these,” or “I wish I would have put this on my registry.” You can then send her her own wished-for item as a thank you.

Image 1: thegiftedblog.com Image 2: modernweddingshawaii.com
(Be sure to check out Compliment Wrap gift wrap sets, they’re dreamy!) 


Let her take the walk with you.

Traditionally Dad is the one to walk you down the isle and give you away; however, if you have a rocking relationship with your mother and she is your best friend, there is no reason she shouldn’t get the opportunity too.

I’m not saying kick Dad out. I’m saying make sure your venue has an isle to hold 3 people wide, that way you can have two people who love you unconditionally give you away.

Image: Alison Conklin Photography


Mom’s fashion is in style.

Okay, so maybe it’s not – thank goodness you don’t have to wear it! But that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate it into your big day!

Use a piece of your mom’s gown for the ribbon around your flowers, for your garter or even for a piece of your own dress.

If you’re not into cutting up your mom’s dress – showcase it on a form. (I will definitely be showcasing my mother & mother-in-law’s gowns on my big day, they just don’t know it yet!)

Image: Eric Kelley Photography Inc. 


Thank her.

I know, simple right? Just don’t forget to do it.
Put it in writing. It’s amazing how a written thank you note can make you feel.

 Image: weddingsbyyenstudios.com

Remember that you’re a huge piece of your mom’s life, as she is in yours. Have “off days” where you spend time together and don’t discuss wedding details or plans. This will help keep your relationship strong post-wedding. Be sure to thank your momma’s today for all that they do.

To all you momma bears out there :
Happy Mother’s Day!
I hope you are all treated like the queens you are.

Set aside your to-do list and have a few glasses of red today.




First Image: modernweddingshawaii.com


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Wonderful ideas for keeping mom involved in your wedding planning. I loved shopping with my mom for her mother of the bride dress. We went together, only us and it was a great bonding experience!


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