Wedsite… aka “wedding website”

Wedding Websites, also known as “wedsites” may not be fitting for every couple – but it is a great (trendy) way to set the tone of your wedding celebration early on. It’s a perfect place to compile important information and additional details that may not have fit on your invitation. It’s by no means mandatory, but it’s a way to share your excitement.

What to include?
This isn’t by any means an end-all, be-all list. You can include whatever your little heart desires. However, these are some more-than-popular options:


  1. Say “hi!” – Make sure your guests know your excitement and how much it means to you that they will be with you on your special day. Saying “hi” is a perfect start.
  2. The important details – The important details are vital. Think logistics: dates, locations and times. 
(More often than not guests leave your invitation at home. A wedsite can provide instant access at their fingertips on details such as the address of your ceremony.)
  3. The schedule – Is your big day a traditional ceremony and reception, or are there additional events spread over the weekend? Be sure to provide your guests with the schedule early on (including times, dates and place.) this will let them know what to expect in advance and ensure they plan and pack accordingly.
  4. Travel information – Whether you have guests traveling or not, providing accommodation options for your guests just the respectful thing to do. Provide the room-block information and deadline if applicable.
  5. Photos – Feel free to personalize the space. This is a great outlet to showoff your engagement photos or pictures from when you and your fiancé were dating. (Be careful how many photos you use. No one wants to see 1,000 photos. The wedsite is an outlet for information and details, not a shrine.)
  6. Registry details – From an etiquette stand point, you should not include registry information on an invitation. While some couples make it an insert, a wedsite is an alternative location to include links to your registry.
    Create a “Registry” page that would require guests to click on a link to get any details at all, even just the store name. Clicking on the link is the equivalent of asking, “Where are you registered?” (Make sure this isn’t the first element your guests see. Be tasteful!) 
  7. Contact information – Provide your guests with your e-mail address or a “contact us” form incase they don’t find what they’re looking for!


  1. About section – If your fiancé has extended family you are yet to meet, an about page is definitely in order. This can be a place to showcase a fun timeline of milestone events or share the story of how you met. The about section can also tell about your bridal party. More often than not, wedding attendees have no idea who is standing up there beside you. It’s fun to know how you met your wedding party and the role they play in your life.  You can also include information on the mother and father of the bride & groom to be.(Again, this is a page guests go for vital information. Stay away from the novel – and include fun tidbits!)
  2. Local swag – If you have guests traveling from out-of-town or out-of-state, you should have already provided them accommodation information. Be sure to provide travel information and directions as well. Provide driving directions from the north, south, east and west as well as from the near by airport. You can, however, go a step further. (Which many guests appreciate!) Provide a page with a local map that points out: accommodations, rental car location, airports, any public transportation, must-see local charm, restaurants, things to do during their stay and any venues your event will be at.
  3. Countdown– Who doesn’t want to know how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until you say “I do!”
  4. Music requests – Provide the option for guests to suggest a song. This will give you an idea of what will keep your guests on the dance floor. It’s also fun to see guests’ excitement when their song is played!
  5. Guest Book – It’s always fun to have people share stories about you and your fiancé from their point of view! Afraid of what embarrassment that may cause? At the top of your guest book page, give your guests a writing prompt. “Sign our guest book with your wedding wishes!” or “Sign our guest book with what you think we will name our first child!” This helps guests feel emotionally involved in your big day!


  1. The travel pack – This is by far my favorite reason to have a wedsite. Have a downloadable PDF available that your guests can easily print off. It can be packed full of details they may need while flying or driving. (Hotel, venue, times, phone numbers & addresses)
  2. FAQs – An FAQ page will help you avoid being asked the same question 50 times! Not sure what to include on an FAQ page? Offbeat Bride has a wonderful list of suggestions.
  3. Online RSVP – I don’t know how I feel about this, but if you’re looking to save money on postage – this is a great option! Online RSVPs allows guests the convenient option of picking their meal or declining the invite via web. (This option is not available through all sites.)
  4. Pre-Wedding Events – A wedsite can also host information and details about your wedding/bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Where to make it?
There are a number of sites and templates available. While some are free, others have fees for domains or maintenance.
 (You have to weigh if the investment is right for you!)

It’s a good idea to set up your wedsite early on. This will give you time to personalize the site and add your personal web address to materials, like your save-the-date.

(some optional sites & templates)

WeddingWoo, Wedding WireeWeddingthe knot, mywedding Wedding Window,  WedbuddyRiley & GreyWedding JO JO wedsimple or Appy Couple                   

What if I’m not computer savvy?
Don’t fret. Many of the above sites walk you through the process. You have the entire web for inspiration and if you need additional help, just ask! I’d even be happy to help!
How to tell your guests you have a wedsite?
Word-of-mouth, share it on your social media and put it on your Save The Dates.
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

What to do with your wedsite post-wedding?

Post a few pictures recapping the wedding or weekend of events.
Virtually thank your guests for coming.

Wedsites are an additional outlet to show your personality and excitement. You can update wedsites as often or little as necessary. Many times guests need so many crucial details when planning to attend a wedding, while I don’t suggest you rely on a wedsite as the only vessel to inform your guests (because people may not “get it”) you can easily post the information that doesn’t fit on your invitation.

When making a wedsite, BE CREATIVE! While you want it to showcase your personality and not be a bore – remember it’s a place for important wedding logistics.
If your concerns about privacy and keeping sensitive information about your wedding from the uninvited or from prying eyes, many sites give you the option to have restricted access, where you can send a password to your guests!
While wedsites are on-trend, and you may not be trendy at all… weigh the pros and cons of a wedsite for your wedding day. You may find it useful! If all else fails a glass of red & to-do list should get you through.



Need some additional inspiration?
Check out these amazing wedsites!

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