Naked Cakes

A Piece o’ Cake

If you’re a pinner, Pinterest has recently had a burst of un-iced, au naturel, naked cakes grace it’s boards.

Funny part is – the “naked cake” trend started two years ago, and was HUGE  in 2012.

(I’m a Pinterest junkie myself; however, this is the perfect example that pins are things that have been done. Although,  I love Pinterest too much to bash it, and I’ve gotten phenomenal ideas from the many boards I follow…)

Still clueless to what a naked cake is?
It’s sponge cakes (of any color or flavor) stacked upon one another. Often times they have icing or cream cheese between the layers and are topped with flowers, fruit, powdered sugar or even drizzled in chocolate or caramel.

Even though most “naked cakes” have less intricate details than a traditional cake, it isn’t always shown in your cost. It is still a wedding cake, and without the icing or fondant hiding imperfections – the cake has to be flawless. Most bakeries/bakers also have to ensure that the cake won’t be overly dry. (Icing helps keep the cake moist.)

While some aren’t fans because they are icing addicts, more traditional or feel the cake looks unfinished, it’s a perfect alternative to match a rustic, southern or casual affair.

Sugary and Chic Cake Boutique 

Momofuku Milk Bar 

Momofuku Milk Bar  

Koekies en Cream

Koekies en Cream

Emily Allen of Cakewalk Bake Shop

Honeywell Bakes

Lily Vanilli

Classic Cakes

Cake by Sugar

12Cake by Sugar

Cake by Sugar

Wedding cakes are pretty, but should be edible too – and cake tasting is a fun planning event for you and your fiancé. Go in with an open mind, but know if you want your cake to be naked of clothed with icing. If all else fails a glass of red & to-do list should get you through.


Still not convinced? Hillary Duff had a beautiful naked cake!

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