They’re Family

For some, our animals are our children, siblings or best friend – and our wedding days wouldn’t be complete with out them involved.

If your nuptials are being shared with your furry friends, be sure to take the following precautions:

1. Confirm your pets are permitted at your venue.
The last thing you want to do is show up on your big day and have to arrange for your pet to return home.

2. Notify everyone.
Notify your guests on your wedding website or have your family spread the word. This is important information for guests with allergies to know. You will also want to notify your photographer. This allows your photographer to prepare for moments to capture your pet in action

3. Find a pet sitter.
You will have enough to worry about on your big day. The last thing you want is worrying about your pets meals or potty breaks. By hiring a sitter those tasks becomes their responsibility. The sitter will also have the responsibility of returning your pet home or make sure it makes it to a boarding facility.

4. Consider your pets personality and safety.
If your pet doesn’t do well in crowds – featuring him or her may not be ideal on your wedding day. If your pet hates playing dress up, put a wreath around his/her neck for a photo – but don’t dress them up in something they would be uncomfortable in. If your pet is easily overwhelmed, being a show-stopper ring bearer may cause more trauma than you intended, and literally may be a show stopper.
If your pet is staying for a long period of time – be sure to choose your floral and cake wisely. These items can be harmful to your pet and you don’t want to rush to the emergency vet in your gown!

1. Callaway Gable Studios
2. Parallel57 Photography
3. Kate Crabtree Photography
4. Twin Lens Artful Documentary 
5. Adeline and Grace Photography
6. Jonathan Ivy Photography 
7. Zoom Theory Photography 
8. Joe Mikos Photography 
9. Milou and Olin Photography 
10. Sierra Blanco Photography 
11. I sadly don’t have a photographer for this image – but it was too cute not to include. I want to give credit where it is due. If anyone can pair this picture with a vendor, please let me know!
12. Jennifer Moher Photographer 
13. Rebekah J. Murray Photography 
14. Chelsea Caldwell 
15. Nicole Ryan Photography 
16. Focus Photo Inc.  
17. Susan Stripling Photography 

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