A Cold Weather Wedding

It’s no secret that I want a winter wedding, and for southern and western states November – February weddings are not completely unheard of. However, in the glorious snow-belt of Ohio, winter weddings are few and far between.

The faint idea of snow on your wedding day sounds beautiful, but also creates the concern of slick roads, delayed flights and wet dress hems.

I firmly believe winter is one of the most magical times of the year. (Minus the days I’m cussing at negative temperatures and gripping my steering wheel on slick streets.) The beauty (and perks) of an off-season wedding, have me in love with the idea.

So, why?

One. The Season
Summer has the weather, spring has the fresh blooms and the greenery and fall has leaves turning beautiful colors – but what isn’t romantic about snowy backdrops, his arms warming you up and snowflakes on your lashes?

Kelly Maughan Photography

Two. The Venue
You may be limited to indoor venues, but it saves you some worry. In other seasons you may have an outdoor venue booked and your wedding day is pouring. You are forced to give up your vision and move your nuptials inside. With a winter wedding – you know your plan and there isn’t a need for change.

The Barn at Gibbet Hill | Bharat Parmar Photography

Three. The Guests
Wedding season used to be June-August, now September and October have come aboard and are more popular than ever. Guests typically are attending numerous weddings every wedding year. (Some are even attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties.) Guests can get wedding-ed out. The traveling, the gifts, the every weekend “I Do’s”. It may be the best day of YOUR life, but a wedding in season can just be another wedding to your guests. An off-season wedding allows your guests to be excited because your wedding is unique.

Laura Murray Photography

Four. The Vendors
While some vendors may be more expensive near the holiday seasons – typically in off-season months they are cheaper. You’ll also get your pick. Without hundreds of brides sharing your wedding day, you’ll have a better chance of hiring your top-choice venue and vendors. Off season weddings also mean vendors are more likely to give you additional attention. It’s no secret vendors are more attentive outside of the hustle and bustle of wedding season.

Sedona Bride

Five. The Ideas
While you don’t want to get too theme-y (aka, “winter wonderland”) think: cozy and warm. Make your wedding unique to both the season and you. Serve hot chocolate and comfort food. Touch each of your guest’s senses – not only with your decor and food, but utilize the smell of winter and the holidays. (i.e. Cinnamon, pine, wood-burning fireplaces etc.) Utilize candles since the sun sets early and light the fireplace if your venue has one.

Camilla Photography

Six. The Outdoors
Do Not Stay Inside! Don’t have your guests outside freezing, but be sure to step outside for photo-ops, to catch a snow flake on your tongue or to take a breath and take it all in.

Orange Girl Photographs 

Seven. The Bride
The most important perk of the season – no sweat and no makeup melting off your face in the hot sun!

Sloan Photographers


Be distinctive and memorable. Say I do with snow capped mountains in the background or icicles you can see through every window. Don’t be afraid of bad weather or cold temperatures. Winter is nothing short of glamorous and magical.

Still not convinced, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.



Subject inspired by The Knot

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