Guaranteed Dance Floor Fillers

Every bride has a different opinion of what is the most important element of her wedding. For some brides it may be the gown, while for others it can be the meal, for some it’s the party. Typically the level of importance goes hand-in-hand with the monetary amount allotted from the budget.

For example, if the gown is the most important… You can bet the bride spent a pretty penny on her attire, (or she got a REALLY good deal.) If it’s the menu options and meal served – it’s safe to say that the per plate amount will be significantly higher than average.

Wedding entertainment can make or break the vibe of a wedding. If your band sucks, people won’t be dancing. If you’re playing only one genre of music, you’re bound to upset some guests. If dancing and getting down at your wedding is important, consider these 10 tips to dance the night away.

1. Nominate some fun-loving friends to step in after the first dance so the dance floor doesn’t look empty.
People don’t want to be the first or only people dancing. If someone if nominated for the job – the party will get going quicker. It’s also important to make sure your close family and friends know how important the dancing portion of your reception is. If you make it known, people will dance (even if it’s only to appease you.)

2. Choose a floor to match your guest list.
A floor that is too-big can look empty, too-small and people may stop dancing because they’re cramped.

3. Find time to have fun. 
The bride & groom set the mood. The more you relax and dance, your guests will follow suit. (But be sure to encourage and/or mingle with all your non-dancing guests too.)

4. Avoid interrupting the flow with speeches and announcements once the party is underway. 
Some DJs just like to hear themselves talk – and it’s terrible! Make sure you are clear with your chosen entertainment what your vision is. (For example, tell them to keep their talking limited or have them mix up the music as necessary to keep the night going.)

5. Put a line on your RSVPs asking everyone to suggest a song. 
This will give you an idea of what will keep your guests on the dance floor. It’s also fun to see guests’ excitement when their song is played.

6. Decorate your dance floor.
Mood enhancing details such as lighting, backdrops or even a disco ball can give people the dancing feeling.

7. If older guests are likely to head home or to the hotel early, don’t leave all their favorites until later. 
You can dance the night away to booty-poppin’, two-steppin’ after Grandma & Grandpa leave for the night. There will be plenty of time, I promise!

8. Be careful your seating isn’t too far from the dance floor. 
If your non-dancing guests are far away – it’s likely to create two separate parties, and lets face it – you cannot be two places at once.

9. Start it right.
After the traditional first dance, father daughter and mother son dances, have the DJ kick up the music. This will set the mood for the evening. (Be sure to still include some slower options throughout the night!)

10. Stay Hydrated. 
Be sure the bar is stocked with water. It may also help if you keep a pitcher of water  and glasses near the dance floor.

Both a live band or DJ can keep a wedding upbeat and guests moving. If dancing is an important element the perfect DJ or band may be costly. Be sure to discuss your ideal vision with your vendor before booking. You don’t want guests post-wedding saying how lousy the entertainment was.

A glass of red & to-do list should get you through this step and the rest of your planning.



dance floor filling tips from you&your wedding

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