What’s Underneath Counts

As everyone bids adieu to 2013, many reflect on all that this year has brought them. The good, the bad and the sparkly!

The new year brings a set of new resolutions. The often popular: work out, eat better, lose weight, etc. – but when you give up on your resolution mid-January, remember, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Your wedding is no different. It’s what’s under the make up and under the dress: YOU!
However, by no means should you disregard the other necessities under your gown.

When going to purchase your dress you may not have the perfect undergarments – but I beg of you, PLEASE wear them. As a former bridal stylist, I have gone through the shopping process with hundreds of brides, and I can tell you – a girl that tries on a gown without undies is one that makes a statement, and it’s not a good one.

After you’ve made your purchase you’ll know what undergarments are mandatory. You’ll know how thick or thin they need to be. You’ll know how much coverage you need. You’ll know what needs a boost and what may need sucked in. The glorious thing is so many products are out there.

The Slip
Slips come in all lengths, sizes and closures. They also happen to be a God sent. Some bride’s think they are old fashioned or unnecessary. DON’T! Some gown material can show coverage inside a church or venue, but under natural light can be see-through and show all. You do not want to be a bride that hates all of her outside wedding portraits. (That would be an awful waste of money!)

A slip can simply be a comfortable silk-like material for coverage only, or it can be a full length slip that ads body and layers to your gown making it fuller, but not much heavier.

If I can recommend a closure, go with a zipper or button. Closures such as ties and Velcro are not as durable and can make bumps under a close fitting gown.

The Bra
Different bras work for different people.

I have no boobies. NONE! ZIP! NOTHING! I technically could go braless and be fine, however, What if I get cold? What if my dress doesn’t want to stay up? (Side note, A good seamstress can and should alter your gown so you are not tugging at it all night. Again, I beg of you – don’t tug at your dress. It’s tacky and annoying.)

If your on the smaller side and don’t require the support of a strapless bra, consider sewing pads into your gown. This will give you coverage so you don’t see the outline of anything and coverage for any colder moments. If you’re on the bustier side, wear a strapless bra, corset or bustier. Then ask your seamstress to sew snaps on the gown and your bra of choice so everything stays in place and supports you correctly. (If you place the flat part of the snap on your bra it can easily be worn post-wedding.) 

If you have a backless or low-cut gown, don’t fret – they make options!

The Corset/Bustier 
Personally, I don’t recommend them. Yes – they suck you in. Yes – the highlight your waist – but they also are uncomfortable and can almost always be seen. If you have a thicker fabric (for example, taffeta with rouching) by all means – go for it.

However, the boning is typically visible, (even in the seamless option) and your rib cage will hurt before your reception is over.

The Spanx/Shapewear

I am much more confident in recommending spanx and shapewear over any corset or bustier. They are more comfortable, give you the same result and can be utilized post-wedding.

Shapewear comes in so many different designs and varieties. My personal favorite is the bicycle shorts. While they all are pretty amazing the shorts help the tummy, hips and legs. It can also be tucked under the bra to keep it in position.

The bikini cut are also wonderful (and less warm) but if you have a gown fitted through your legs – steer clear. Because the shape wear is tight, it will give you the ultimate panty line and most likely push your lower-butt and upper-thigh into a not-so-pretty mushy mess.

Shapewear tip!! Yes, they are hard to get on (and off) as they should be. However, they should not make it uneasy to breath. 

Photo: Victoria Secret 2011 bridal line
The Cute & Sexy
You by all means should feel beautiful and sexy on your big day.

Some sexy undergarments are more practical under the gown, some should juts be saved for later.
A simply lace panty – go for it. A pantie with a big bow on the butt – save it.

(left) Etsy: AlisaBrides
(right) Etsy: LaGartierGarters
The Garter
Even if you aren’t throwing it, it’s a sexy touch. It may be annoying once you put it on – but before you walk down the isle you’ll have 100 emotions running through you that you will forget about it.

Forgo the garter or wear it lower if your dress is fitted through your thighs.

(Garters are a great make-it-you item. They can be custom, personalized or passed down.)
The two most important things to know about undergarments are
1. Bring them to your fittings
2. Pick something that makes you feel beautiful, happy and like yourself!
If you need help picking the perfect options, your seamstress or a bridal consultant where you purchased your gown should be able to lend a hand.

As you make your decision on your realistic, sexy or comfortable undergarments, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.


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