Merge the Classic

Over the past three years wedding themes have gone wild, nontraditional and distinctive to the couple. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your wedding being unique to you, (I actually encourage it!) 2014 seems to be the year to return to the classic.

While there are still going to be barn weddings, rustic-winery-I-dos, and DIY nuptials – many couples are blending nontraditional themes with classic elements, and I’m definitely not against it!

The blend of conventional and nontraditional gives brides a wider range of options, decor and ideas. It makes their wedding unique to them, but more so, solidifies they won’t hate their vision in 50+ years.



No longer a rustic Ranch wedding, but…
 Ranch Elegance
It’s still a rustic venue, but instead simple centerpieces and casual attire are paired with elegance pieces, a glamorous gown and large blooms.

Meg Smith Photography | Durham Ranch



No longer a vintage 20’s wedding, but… 
Gatsby Glamour
It’s the roaring-fun attire and elements of the 20s, but with a modern, sleek and glitzy feel. How can you say no to a day full of love, sparkle and jazz?

The Wedding Artist’s Collective | Welkinweir Estate



No longer a sweet 16 look-a-like wedding, but… 
Whimsical Sophistication

It’s fashion forward, full of color, but screams bubbly and fun. Think watercolor and pastel.

Rachael Schirano Photography | Bloomington Country Club



No longer a ballroom wedding, but..
. Industrial Classic
A rough venue with classic details speaks to both sexes’ senses. Its intriguing, cozy and beautiful, and makes for stunning pictures. An industrial venue can be transformed into your vision by choosing the decor and floral – you can keep it modern and industrial, add classic glamorous pieces, give it a vintage vibe, or showcase your feminine and masculine sides.

Victoria Sprung Photography Loft on Lake



No longer a southern wedding, but… 
Southern Chic
Southern style weddings are no longer reserved for the southern states. Northerners and southerners alike are making their wedding southern tradition and chic!

Scobey Photography | Rose Hill Mansion



No longer a typical garden wedding, but..
. Modern Garden
A garden wedding doesn’t have to be rustic light and fluffy – think sleek lines, hard edges, and dark colors.

Shaun Menary Nasher Sculpture Garden



No longer a winter wonderland wedding, but..
. Luxurious Winter
Say goodbye to the icicles, bling and ice-blue and bring in the classic, luxurious and cozy.

Sharon Litchfield Photography | The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Think of how to make your unique, contemporary ideas tie in with classic elements. I can assure you it will make your wedding a stunning event and have guests of every age wowed. Still haven’t figured it out? A glass of red & to-do list will get you through.