Prewedding Events

Leading up to your big day you’ll be scheduling numerous events (i.e. bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.) The mistake is brides-to-be feel obligated to make these events match the style of her wedding. DON’T!

Having variety isn’t a bad thing and allows you to show your style as well as incorporate the opinions of your groom, family and in-laws.


For example, your husband loves spicy food and wanted a spicy menu for your wedding. Realistically this wouldn’t be fair to your guests because not everyone can handle your fiancés love of spice.
Solution: Include your soon to be husbands favorite menu items on the rehearsal dinner menu. (Maybe even add a live band and a cajun, New Orleans theme.)

Photographs: Sean Flanigan – James & Cassandra’s Wedding


Maybe you wanted a destination-beach wedding but it wasn’t practical for the 200 guests you wanted in attendance.
Solution: Beach themed bridal shower.


What if you want small and intimate but your parents was large and formal?
Solution: Have the wedding of your dreams in a backyard or garden (or whatever venue you were thinking.) Complete the evening with an intimate reception. The following day have a large and formal party. (Hopefully courtesy of your parents’ wallet if they pushed for it.)  But the glory of this is your wedding can be whatever you want it to be and the large reception/celebration can be something completely different.



Guest want to be awed. They want to see little details that make them smile. They want to see something completely original and totally you. Keep them guessing. Don’t give up your wedding details by way of your shower or other pre-wedding event.

Don’t limit yourself to one style! Break the rules of tradition and HAVE FUN! While you’re picking your themes and styles a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.


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