Holiday Wedding: Do or Don’t?

As a newly engaged couple, choosing your wedding day is a big deal. It will forever be your anniversary and one of the best days of your life. Luckily for you, you have 365 options.

Although… Even though your wedding is about you, you may want to consider the importance of certain days in your guests’ life. Let me put it this way: Some holidays, perfectly acceptable for weddings – other holidays, how dare you!

Let’s be realistic for a moment. (Shall we?)
Scheduling your wedding on a holiday (or holiday weekend) may give people the perk of not having to take vacation or travel days from work; however, what about their traditions or holiday plans. (Yes, I totally get it – selfish you is saying “My wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, their traditions can happen every other year!”)

Well, selfish-you. Be prepared to hear some complaints and whispers or even have a larger percentage of guests miss your big day. (The average percentage of regrets is 20%, but can vary based on date and location.)

What some consider a holiday is also tricky and gets more complicated when families are divided among various religions.

Acknowledge these elements when picking your date:


(Bride & Groom) – Higher percentage of guests unable to attend… Maybe this is something you view as a pro. You get to invite your whole ideal guests list, but know not everyone will make it – which is less money out of your pocket.
(Everyone) – There is more “wedding” it’s a weekend or long holiday affair.
(Guests) – Most likely they won’t have to take vacation days off of work if they are already getting the following Monday off or the holiday itself.


(Bride & Groom) – Higher percentage of guests unable to attend
(Bride & Groom) – Things are more expensive (Venues typically charge premiums and caterers typically charge more because they have to pay their wait staff a higher wage.)
(Guests) – Things are more expensive (Plane tickets, hotel rooms, gas, etc. Some hotels even have a 2-night minimum for holiday weekends. Which means guests would have to dedicate and pay for a weekend affair.)
(Guests) – Cannot make plans of their own over the holiday or long weekend. Guest may feel its unreasonable for you to expect anyone to skip their usual traditions to attend your wedding.
(Guests & Vendors) – Holiday weekend traffic is never a fun obstacle and can cause someone of great importance to be late.

So the questions of the hour: Would you host a holiday wedding, or attend one?

Be considerate and recognize other’s perspectives on holiday weddings. If you’re absolutely, without a doubt set on a New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, or Labor Day weekend wedding – DO IT! I’m not telling you not to, I’m just giving you some things to consider. A holiday wedding can make themes & decor VERY easy, (but be sure to send your save-the-dates out early!)

If you want to know a secret – My heart was set on a NYE wedding. However, after weighing the pros & cons, I don’t know what the date of the best-day-of-my-life will be. 

While some holidays are way more acceptable for weddings, others should be completely out of the question and on a wedding-banned list.  If you’re stumped – ask your family, bridal party, or closest friends. Weigh you pros & cons, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.


A debatable NY Times article about holiday weddings. 

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