Ring Knowledge

Even if you’ve heard of the 4C’s – you may be clueless on what they actually are. Knowing the details of an engagement ring can make shopping a-hundred-times easier.

So here is what you need to know…

The 4C’s: Carat, Color, Clarity & Cut

1. Carat – Easy stuff. It’s how “big” your diamond is, or how much it weights.

2. Color – Less than 2% of all diamonds are colorless, the remaining 98% have a yellow hue. Letters signify the amount of yellow in your diamond.

3. Clarity – (also called inclusions) are determined by the quantity and degree of internal “birthmarks.” The better the clarity, the more rare the diamond. Clarity is signified by both letters and/or numbers.
Often times the “flaws” or “birthmarks” of a diamond can be hidden by a prong.
It also makes your diamond unique.

4. Cut – the cut of a diamond can be viewed two ways:

a. The shape

b. The proportions
The cut of the diamond goes hand-in-hand with its brilliance. An ideal cut diamond will shine and sparkle with much more brilliance than a poorly cut diamond. If a diamond is cut too shallow the light and sparkle will escape through the bottom of the diamond, and give it a dark center circle. If a diamond is cut too deep the diamond again will look dark in the center and the light will reflect to opposite facets, making it sparkle on the side and bottom.
If two diamonds are both 1 carat in weight, the shallow diamond will be wider when looking at it from above, while the deep diamond will appear smaller from above and longer from the side.

Beyond the diamond, what about your setting?
Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, or White Gold?

The Metal

Gold is traditional, it’s gold. But what about the modern stuff?

Rose Gold is mixed with copper. It can vary in color depending on how much copper is added. Meaning – your better off making sure there is a band to match the rose gold of your engagement ring.

Platinum and White Gold look the same, but have various differences. But what are they?

[PROS] Naturally a white metal, so it doesn’t fade | Strong & Durable | Hypoallergenic
[CONS] Higher price | Heavier weight

White Gold
[PROS] Resistant to rust | Easy to repair | Easy to engrave
[CONS] The color will fade, and will need replated

Figure out your ideal diamond, setting, and metal, then stay tuned for tomorrow’s topic of “How to get the engagement ring you want!”

While you’re making your selections and narrowing down the perfect ring, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.



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