How to Get the Engagement Ring You Want!

What is my perfect engagement ring?

round, solitaire (6 prong)
carat: 2
color: anything D-F (but wouldn’t mind G-J)
clarity: SI1, 2, or 3
cut: ideal (not shallow, not deep – but if it isn’t ideal I rather it be shallow)

Yes, shallow – the feeling I now have after typing that out, but one can dream – right?

An engagement ring is something you will wear the rest of your life, every day. So you want it to be something that screams YOU! Even though your man has impeccable taste (I mean he DID chose you!) you have to wonder if his perfect taste in picking you will transcend into his perfect taste in picking an engagement ring…

Traditionally, the men used to pick the ring without even a hint from his future fiancé, but now a days couples shop together, drop hints, or even buy their own ring. Some men want the help, but still want to believe they made the final decision. (Okay, all men need help but don’t want to be helped…)

So how do you get the engagement ring you want?

If marriage has been a topic of comfortable conversation, and you’re bold enough to tell him – show him a picture and give him the details. This method ensures that you get your picture-perfect ring.
You can creatively show him a picture in a magazine or via Pinterest, you can even design a ring together.
(…Or you could type out the detail of your perfect ring in a blog you know he’s going to read.)

You can physically shop together in a store, (which could be a planned or unplanned adventure.) You could shop online in the comfort of your own home, (this option keeps the tradition of the man purchasing the ring – and it still contains a surprise for you. You don’t know when he purchases, and if you give him options – you won’t know his final decision.)

Have a super traditional fiancé? He will most likely ask for your hand in marriage. After he takes that step your family can mention how you’ve always loved [insert favorite shape here]. They can even take it a step further and offer to shop with him. Not as close to your family? Your best friend can always be of assistance. (Just make sure the third party is very familiar with your tastes and dream ring!) You can even shop with your bestie and have her relay your top three. (Without you even knowing…)

Maybe you want a complete surprise. There is no shame in that. He had good enough taste to choose you – he should have a pretty good understanding of your style and preferences. He may do a better job then you could have imagined.

However you do it, remember the proposal is about two people – not just you. To make this milestone go over smoothly remember a few tips:

  1. Make sure your timing is on point. Nothing will scare a man away faster than you pulling out a wedding magazine before he’s ready to settle down.
  2. Be patient. You may have shopped together and even purchased the ring the day you picked it, but he still may want to plan the perfect proposal and that takes time.
  3. Be reasonable. Don’t send your man a $45,000 ring when his budget is $10,000.
  4. Know your ring size. He may not ask you directly, so make sure you know incase your mom or sister asks and needs an answer within 5 minutes since he’s at the store! (For instance, if your reading up on my perfect ring, it would have to come in a 4.5) 

Congratulations on your (hopefully upcoming) engagement & perfect ring. Still haven’t found that perfect ring or having found the best way to tell him? Keep trying. A glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.



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