Oh, Bridesmaids…

These day’s asking your bestie or even sister to stand up with you on your big day by a simple 5-word question (you know, “Will-you-be-my-bridesmaid?”) seems lame, unplanned, and not exciting. We have Pinterest to thank for that.*

So… when you are clueless, want to be creative, and want your future bridesmaids or MOH to tell everyone “[Your name] asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in the cutest, most thoughtful way!” What do you do?!

First thing is first – DON’T PANIC!

Make your list of bridesmaids** and then figure out if you want to ask each girl (or guy) the same way, or if different ways are fitting for their various personalities.

5 fabulous ways to ask “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and “Will you be my MOH?” 

ONE. A letter. It can be typed or handwritten, personalized or a general poem, sentimental or humorous, hand delivered or mailed. It’s all up to you. It’s inexpensive, but still thoughtful! (CHA-CHING!)

a. http://etsy.me/1aAjPmB b. http://etsy.me/1fNwPHu c. http://bit.ly/1b2BKou

TWO. What girl doesn’t love wine? What girl doesn’t love candy?
Giving your future bridesmaid or MOH a pre-wedding-process gift will make for a picture perfect question-popping opportunity. It also makes your proposal substantial.
(You may want to include an un-opened ring pop too!)

a. http://etsy.me/1b2C3zQ b. http://etsy.me/19xWBtC

THREE. On a budget, but want to look really good and give your bridesmaid or MOH a keepsake? How about a image “personalized” card. April Heather Art has an Etsy shop that gives that personalized effect for a low cost, with PDF ready printables. … And they are the cutest!

a. http://etsy.me/HUcBQn

FOUR. Create a well-prepared wedding planning rundown.  Things to include:
1. A special note (general or personalized)
2. Color swatches and/or dress ideas
3. Your official wedding date. (You can even include a planner with that date highlighted!)
4. A picture of you and your future bridesmaid of MOH
5. Add some humor by giving a rundown of the groomsmen, including their worst pictures. Title it “What we’re working with…”
6. Nail polish, lip gloss, or a favorite little gift

a. http://bit.ly/1cDdlTm b. http://bit.ly/Ib7IC4 c. http://bit.ly/Ztrdy2

FIVE. If you aren’t crafty, short on time, or just want to be traditional… invite your bridesmaids/bridesmen one at a time or as a group and ask them over coffee, lunch, dinner or ice-cream. Your friends and family love you who you are, how you ask them to be a part of your special day shouldn’t make or break their decision.

Think of what is best for you and your future wedding party. When you’re trying to decide, and all else fails, a glass of red & a to-do list should get you through.


* No, I’m not knocking Pinterest. It has provided me with some of the best alcoholic beverage recipes, DIY crafts, and fancy manicure must-dos, but it has also made so many brides, moms, and the general public feel “not up to par” or under pressure to achieve a perfect wedding or perfectly themed birthday party for a 1-year-old.

** When making a list of your bridesmaids, BE CAREFUL. From working with hundreds of brides, I know the drama and stress that bridesmaids can add to a time in your life when you want as little drama and stress as humanly possible. As a bridesmaid, many girls (or guys) early on see the glitz and the glamour of standing beside a good friend as she pledges her love; however, the reality of being a bridesmaid is much different. It takes time, money, patience, and teamwork. Preparing for a wedding is fun and exciting, as well as is very difficult and stressful. Make sure you have individuals by your side that are willing to endure the hard work thats needed for your big day. When picking your bridesmaid remember to pick someone that will not just be there for you for the big party and celebration, but someone who will be by your side making the entire process easier.

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